Q: Is this legit? 

A: Yes, both our standard Moolah Account, and out Moolah Recycling Account/Program are legit. You will receive a check for money accumulated from your Fresh Moolah Bottled water purchases throughout the year in December annually.


Q: What do I have to do?

A: Purchase Fresh Moolah’s Natural Spring Water directly from www.FreshMoolah.com. No other individual or entity is authorized to sell Fresh Moolah.


Q: How much do I get paid? 

A: You receive $0.10 for every bottle you purchase from www.FreshMoolah.com. The Moolah accumulates from purchases you made from December 1st (of the previous year) through November 30th of the current year. You are issued your Moolah Check in December annually.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY ONLY: Want extra Moolah??: If you opt into our Moolah Recycling Program, you receive an additional $0.02 cents per bottle returned to Fresh Moolah.


Q: When do I get paid?

A: You are issued your Moolah Check in December annually. 


Q: How do I get paid?

A: We mail your Moolah Check to you, in your name, to the address we have in your Moolah Account. You must provide your legal name in order to cash your check.


Q: Is this real money!? Or is this money I can only use on your website?

A: It is real money! You can use it for whatever you'd like, it's yours! Hydrate your savings, or treat yourself to something special, up to you!


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Because we believe in the power of bottled water to hydrate your body and your savings! So with Fresh Moolah, it pays to hydrate!


Q: What kind of water is this? 

A: Natural Spring Water 


Q: What is the pH level of the water?

A: 7.2


Q: Do you put something in this water? 

A: No


Q: Is this some type of scientific test on people? 

A: No. We are not testing anything on people, animals, etc. We sell Natural Spring Bottled Water. We love people and animals (hints our CashCowFamily!)


Q: Does this water have some type of special quality or healing potential?

A: Nope. Besides the natural benefits a person receives from hydrating and drinking water regularly, drinking and purchasing Fresh Moolah Water won’t do anything for you, but of course- hydrate your body and your savings!


Q: What's the benefit to purchasing your water?

A: 1.) We pay you to hydrate.

    2.) We deliver straight to your door, within 1-3 days of your order. So now, you don't have to carry heavy bottles of water to and from the grocery store to your home, business, office, or location.

   3.) We offer expedited delivery if needed, requested, and available, based on demand. So if you need your water the day you order it, simply call us and we will do our best to accommodate your request at no extra charge!

   4.) Our water is delicious, crisp and refreshing!


Q: How do I join the Moolah Recycling Program (Currently Los Angeles County Only)?

A: Simply email us at info@FreshMoolah.com and let us know you want to opt into the recycling program. (Soon there will be an option to opt in within your Moolah Accounts.)


Q: How do I get the bottles back to you for my extra $0.02 per bottle?

A: We will send a Fresh Moolah Recycling Bag out to you with your first delivery. After that, you will simply set your bag out for us to grab during your next delivery and we will leave you a new bag and your order for the next round of hydration and recycling.


Q: How do I know how many bottles I will get extra Moolah for?

A: We will count the bottles you return to us, and send you a confirmation within 48 hours of the recycled bottle pick up, of the number of bottles you returned to us.


Q: Great! So I can put all my bottles from my house that I want recycled in the Fresh Moolah Recycling bag for recycling, and get extra Moolah for each one?

A: Nope. You are only eligible for the additional $0.02 per bottle on Fresh Moolah bottles. We will gladly recycle any additional bottles you include in your recycle bag, but you are not paid by us for them.


Q: Who’s eligible for the program/to buy Fresh Moolah?

A: At this time we are only delivering locally to Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. So Los Angeles County Residents are the only ones eligible for extra Moolah, delivery, or to purchase Fresh Moolah at this time.


Q: When will Fresh Moolah Water be available in my city/state?

A: We are expanding very quickly, so soon delivery and/or shipping options will be available to other cities and states, as well as a specialized Extra Moolah Recycling Program designed for your city/state. If you'd like to inquire about availability in a particular city/state, please email us at info@FreshMoolah.com.


Q: Does that mean I have to be a Los Angeles Resident to purchase and/or get my Moolah?

A: No, not necessarily. You have to have a delivery address in L.A. County or its surrounding areas, for purchase and delivery. We can send your annual Moolah anywhere you choose. You have until November 30th annually to update your address with us, as we begin mailing checks on December 1st.


Q: I tried to purchase Fresh Moolah through your website and was not able to, why?

A: Currently we are only accepting pre-sale orders for Los Angeles County and surrounding areas. If you were unable to complete your purchase, the address you entered is not eligible for deliveries at this time. If you believe this was an error, please contact us at info@FreshMoolah.com so we can help!