Moolah Rules

What is the customer purchasing?: Natural Spring Water in 500 mL bottles; cases of 24

Focus & Purpose: To encourage and provide customers with the ability to save, and provide customers with an annual lump sum of funds accumulated for each bottle of water purchased (and hopefully used to hydrate their bodies, or someone else's) throughout the year.

The Concept: Fresh Moolah offers a specialized rewards program that focuses on promoting hydration of the customer’s body, and their savings. The financial earnings a customer obtains, comes from each bottle of water purchased directly from Fresh Moolah at

As an incentive for (customers) purchasing their bottled water from Fresh Moolah, and for doing what they already do daily- drink (bottled) water- they then are rewarded for every bottle of water bought as outlined below:

  • Purchase bottled water from Fresh Moolah’s website (currently 500 mL bottles in cases of 24.
  • At checkout, enroll in our “Moolah Account” (quick, easy, and free)
  • Receive $0.10 per bottle purchased, of our Natural Spring Water
  • Customers can receive an extra $0.02 per bottle purchased and returned using our Moolah Recycling Program (CA only for now). We drop off reusable bags for customers with their deliveries, and they put their empty Fresh Moolah bottles in them. Then, when we make our next delivery to the customer, we pick up their bag of empty bottles, count them, and recycle the bottles. For each bottle they return for recycling they receive an extra $0.02 per bottle.
  • Annual payments to customers are calculated at $0.10 per bottle purchased, or $0.12 per bottle purchased and returned by a customer, from December 1st through November 30th of the subsequent year.
  • Moolah checks are cut and sent to customers between the 1st and 2nd week of December Annually. Eventually we hope to enable electronic deposits for customers.
  • Until electronic deposits are enabled, customers will be asked via email login to their Moolah Accounts and confirm their Moolah Account Information (name and address) during the month of November, prior to check distribution beginning in December. Any addresses or information on file as of December 1st will be considered accurate and the customer’s check will be distributed to that address in the name of the person that made the purchases throughout the year. Schools and places of business are eligible as well.
  • Customers are only eligible for Moolah Checks from direct purchases from Fresh Moolah is not for resale and is not carried in retail stores. No company, individual, or outside entity is authorized to sell Fresh Moolah, or to offer Moolah Accounts, or promises of Moolah Checks annually.
  • Fresh Moolah advertises its Natural Spring Water and rewards program(s) through various online entities, media platforms and publications, and social media networks, including but not limited to FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter, e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Fresh Moolah does not tolerate or participate in any illegal or fraudulent activity. Any fraudulent purchases or otherwise illegal activity used to purchase Fresh Moolah, in an effort to garner money deceptively, or at the expense of another person or entity, will not be honored, accepted, or paid out from a Moolah Account during the annual disbursement time. Such activities will result in removal from Fresh Moolah’s Rewards Program, and notification to the proper authorities as necessary. Fresh Moolah reserves the right to change or alter the rules of its rewards program at any time.